Global Dialogue of Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and Southern CSOs in Washington DC

The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) hold a workshop in the Meridian Room of the One Washington Circle Hotel. Washington DC, USA, from november 7 to 9 on the topic : Capacity Building for Indigenous Peoples.


COMIFAC was represented at the workshop by the Network of Indigenous and Local Communities for the Sustainable Managementof Central African forest Ecosystems (REPALEAC) and the Executive Secretariat by Mr Ekane Cosmas Nzuobontane, Administrative and Financial Director.

The FCPF Capacity Building Program (CBP) supports forest-dependent Indigenous Peoples (IPs), other forest dwellers (OFDs), and southern civil society organizations (CSOs) with information, knowledge and awareness on REDD+ to enhance understanding of key principles and processes, and by extension their capability to engage more meaningfully in the implementation of REDD+ related activities and programs.

After operating for ten years, significant results have been achieved under this program. Achievements were not only demonstrated in increased awareness of the IPs and CSOs to REDD+, climate change and preparation of national Emission Reduction Programs (ERPs), but also in their increased visibility and participation in various country level dialogues with their respective governments.

Between July and September 2019, the CBP, with FCPF funding and support from the Bank’s teams, facilitated Regional Dialogues for IPs and southern CSOs in each of the 3 regions it operates: Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America & the Caribbean. These Regional Dialogues served to discuss consolidated results and lessons learned from the grassroot level in building the capacity of IPs, OFDs and southern CSOs engaged in REDD+ strategies and programs, and to provide a consultative platform for learning about further REDD+-related capacity needs in the regions.

The main objective of the Global Dialogue and consultations with the IPOs and southern CSOs are: (a) to consolidate the lessons learned and outcomes of the Capacity Building Program, (b) to provide opportunities to learn from other development partners on different programs supporting forest-dependent communities and groups in REDD+ processes, and (c) to discuss different pathways/directions of further support to IPs, OFDs, and CSOs to engage in FCPF REDD+ Programs “beyond 2020”.

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